‘A note from the Author’


The first time I gathered some of my reflections and stories, it resulted in the book Reflections, which was printed in a small friend edition in 2013. It deals with reflections I wrote in the period 1987 to 1997. Then followed in quick succession Thoughts and Event -The first 51 days in 2001 – A Woman’s Many Migrations and Reflection & Stories. All first printed in Norwegian and then translated into English.

It was never in my mind to try for publishing through publishers, as I through others in my family had understood that it was a long and winding road to go and one which very rarely resulted in releases.

For me, having passed seventy-five at that time, it was never a matter of becoming an author, but to get something about myself and my life, in one way or other, registered for those of my followers who one day may be interested in who this person really was. Particularly as for reasons, not of will, those in my family I per today have never met.

I have now, on paper, been retired since 2006, and have lived in Spain more or less permanently since then. As a hobby beside writing, I have been occupying myself with practical creations and innovations related to golf, so the days have been more than filled with activities like golfing with my wife Marianne from Switzerland whom I married in 1989 and otherwise plenty of daily activities.

My contact with a former sales manager and friend, Ole Praud, in Max Manus Denmark, a subsidiary of our Norwegian Company with the same name, have enabled me to put my manuscript’s on to paper and get them printed. I have kept contact with Ole since he left the Company in 1996 after many years of activity, He had, and has, after my opinion the right attitude and knowledge, not the least in the modern technology of data, to help me through all practical obstacles turning manuscript’s into books.

The mentioned books which were printed in a small friend edition in 2013 -15 were, as you understand, not done through a publisher, but directly through a printer.

Living in Denmark and being the one he is, Ole, contacted the people and organized the hundreds of illustrations, both in black and white and colours, which according to me give an extra flavour to the books. The names of the illustrators are in the order they entered: Morten Løfberg – Jan Arnt – Julia Bøge and Laura Hamborg.

One day in 2016 when I was on Skype with Ole, he mentioned that he had heard about a Danish publisher called Books on Demand, BoD.dk which operated in a somewhat new manner, at least to my knowledge. Providing they get your manuscript served according to their specification, they will print it in any volume, and have it distributed to channels according to their setup. To me the most important is that they get an ISBN number.

Distribution is made through the net and apart from hard copies, most of my books are also published as E-books.

As per today, January 2024, twenty one books have been published through BoD.dk, whereof a series of ten WORD FOR THE ROAD, each book in both English and Norwegian. The rest, apart from the book about the Max Manus Companies, which hopefully will also be printed in English, are all in both Norwegian and English apart from Innovations and Creations which is only published in English.

The page About Max Manus Innovation will specifically give you some more details about my innovations and creations.

George Manus